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When ideas capture the global market

Profi L- Clip, then and now

Profi L- Clip GmbH, how it happened

The costly storage of cartridges for the filling of sealing materials which also took up lots of space gave the founder of the company Günther Knieriem the impetus to consider alternative solutions back in 1986. The idea of filling sealing materials into more suitable and processing friendly tubular bags led him to develop the first machines of the SKT series in Ladenburg under the company name VP-TE Verpackungstechnik. The subsequent success proved him right; there was an urgent need for tubular bag filling machines. At the same time he developed the tried and trusted discharge nozzles and ejection pistons for tubular bag guns.

Always with the motto: "There is no such thing as impossible."

It took a long time until the filling machine reached its current standard – compact, ergonomic, user-friendly and good value. Innovation and close cooperation with customers enabled VP-TE to establish itself in the global market place. VP-TE became Profi L-Clip in 2004.

From foundation to today

Günther Knieriem had the idea of packing sealing materials in a more environmentally friendly and price-efficient way than in customary cartridges way back in the mid 1980s. This idea subsequently resulted in the plan to build machines for tubular bag packagings.

  • 1987

    Company founded by Günther Knieriem
    Foundation of VP-TE by Günther Knieriem (✝2004) in Ladenburg close to Heidelberg.


  • 1987

    First SKT H1 filling machine.


  • 1989

    Introduction of the SKT H3 filling machine.


  • 1992

    Introduction of the SKT H4 filling machine.


  • 1996

    Introduction of the SKT H5, the first tubular bag machine with cam drive.


  • 2003

    Introduction of the SKT H6, the tubular bag machine with voiding separator.


  • 2004

    Move to the new company premises in Freiamt. Renamed as Profi L-Clip, with Frank Wernz as Managing Director.


  • 2004

    New managing director:
    Frank Wernz


  • 2007

    Introduction of the SKT H7 filling machine.


  • 2010

    Introduction of the SKT H8 2K, 2 component filling machine for chemical anchors.


  • 2011

    Introduction of the SKT H8 filling machine.


  • 2011

    Introduction of the SP 1 case packer.


  • 2014

    Introduction of the AKT H8 filling machine, modular construction.


  • 2015

    Introduction of the SP3 case packer with fully automatic format setting.


  • 2017

    Introduction of the BEM1 bag feeding machine.


  • 2018

    Introduction of the SP3/K hybrid case packer for tubular bags and cartridges.


  • 2020

    Introduction of case packer for fully automatic erection, folding, positioning of cases.


  • 2021

    Introduction of the SKT VS1 tubular bag system.