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All Profi L-Clip products at a glance

Machines for secure filling and packaging processes

  • Worldwide sales
  • Worldwide service
  • Special purpose machinery tailored to individual requirements

Profi L-Clip machines are ideal for the filling of adhesive and sealing materials in tubular bags with clip closures. As every product and every branch of industry has its own individual priorities concerning filling, we design individual components for each requirement. We can provide you with fully automatic or semi-automatic and vertical or horizontal tubular bag machines. They each come with integral counting machines, series counters and with additional devices such as printers, scales and suitable clip and dosing modules. 

Profi L-Clip machines will speed up your packing process

Our products combine proven mechanical engineering expertise, extremely modern digital technologies, components which can be used with great flexibility and a comprehensive global service provision for filling and packing machines. We plan, build, sell, maintain tubular bag filling machines for sealing materials and adhesives with high viscosity and low viscosity such as:

  • Acrylic sealing material 
  • Silicone
  • Parquet adhesive
  • MS polymer sealing and adhesive compound
  • PU adhesives and sealing materials 
  • Chemical anchors
  • Assembly adhesives

Filling machines 

  • Quick, precise filling
  • Air free, precise volume
  • 2 component filling
  • Minimum wear and low maintenance

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Case packer

  • Top loader, filling from above
  • Fully automatic erection, folding, positioning
  • High degree of flexibility
  • Short set-up times (5 min)

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Processing aids

  • Perfect discharge of residue
  • Suitable for all common cartridge guns
  • Various sizes, lengths, versions
  • Individual supply volumes

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  • Secure closures
  • High-quality, alloyed materials
  • Various wire thicknesses
  • Individual supply volumes

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Do you have questions about our products? We will be happy to answer them.

Profi L Clip Hotline: +49 7645 – 91 64 99 or E-Mail: info(at)profil-clip(dot)de