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Top load case packer, packing machine

Compact, flexible, short set-up times

With our packing machine it is possible to fill cases from above and from the side. The case packer was specially developed by us to meet requirements for sealing materials and adhesives and it stands out due to its compactness, flexibility and short set-up times (5 minutes). This will enable you to benefit from straightforward handling for an ideal packaging line. 

Technical data/dimensions
Speed up to 50 / min


Case taped.

Modules for case packer

Sausage Buffer

  • Full automatic buffing system to optimize the production time

Pick & Place

  • Length and across top loading in boxes


Case erector

  • Fully automatic erection, folding, positioning of cases

Box closing

  • Box closing system with tape or hotmelt

Downloads, information, contact

Technical data for SP3 case packer.